Welcome to the house of online game lovers. Here, we are a community that shares our experiences with whosoever is passionate about virtual and online games. We bring our reviews on casino games online in Canada so that you have an idea of what to expect with each game. Let’s have a look at some of those games of the early century that marked some of us in one way or the other.

Sim City 4

Sim City 4 brought a revolutionary approach to gaming which has little to do with current days real money online casino games. Unlike the previous games in the series, Sim City 4 lets you get a totally different experience. You get to design a region instead of just a single city. Regions are large maps that can hold around 50 cities each. You can create your region or play on any of the pre-made ones. Creating your terrain is surprisingly easy. The tools are very simple. Most map/terrain editors bloat it out with all these things that you only use for details. However, we noticed that it is hard to make subtle changes to small parts of the map though with some practice, it gets easier. After you have tweaked your terrain, it’s on to playing. The interface is slick and has a feel to it that is reminiscent of the Sims.

The first major feature we noticed was the addition of roads. There are roads, streets, and highways. Roads are meant for small traffic, streets for the main city drag, and highways for interstates. When you are laying down your zones, which still come in low, medium, and high densities, roads automatically build themselves wherever needed to maximize access to your zone. In fact, it gets deeper. The zones are layed out in your usual block style, but inside of the general zone borders are lots. Each lot can hold a building. This makes for easy neighbourhood design. You can limit each lot to only be big enough for say a small house or try to maximize all lots so large apartment complexes are built there. The roads that are automatically built are usually okay. Sometimes, especially when building around other already-placed roads, they can get messed up badly. But it doesn’t take more than a few touch-ups manually to fix things. Houses have yards and fences, large bank towers have fountains and trees out front, and neighborhoods become recognizable.

Too many times in Sim City 3000 you could feel like there’s no connection with any parts of your city. It was shifting all the time and seemed to just not blend. Sim City 4 has vastly improved this. The buildings look great and have cool construction animations that really benefit the feeling of the game. Makes it look like a city to have construction going on here and there. Laying highways, subways, railroads, and water pipes has been vastly improved. The underground mode is slick and isn’t too picky about steep slopes and laying down pipes or subways. Onramps are placed automatically if you build a street under the highway, and clover overpasses are also placed automatically when 2 highways cross and look very impressive. Regarding the water system, you no longer need 100 water pumps to power a large city. 5 water pumps are enough to quench the thirst of a city with 55k people. Only 2 sanitation plants and 3 solar power plants too. The same also goes for pretty much every type of city-service building. Police stations, fire stations, hospitals, schools, and others can be placed much less often. It’s a very welcome relief and we think this is mainly because vast city buildings are very expensive to maintain.

Worth mentioning, Sim City 4 can be quite tough. It can be very hard to make a profitable city and this can make you feel like you need to be a Sim City veteran to figure out what makes money and what doesn’t.

Narc Review

Here’s a short plot summary to start with. Michael Calvess, a narc officer, is killed undercover. Two cops, one a fired burnout (Jason Patric), the other reckless and destructive (Ray Liotta) are brought on after the investigation yielded no leads in two months.

When the words ‘cop movie’ are mentioned, most people cringe, and for good reason - recent entries like City By the Sea, Showtime, and Murder by Numbers were ripe with clichés, re-hashed plots, and sub-par acting. So when we first came across the trailer for Narc, we were a little sceptical. Sure it had Ray Liotta (aka the man), but acting alone can’t support a movie if it’s as weak as most cop movies have been since.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Narc is a great cop movie, easily on par with the above-mentioned. It mostly avoids the typical cop movie clichés, especially those associated with buddy movies. Yeah, it has the burnt-out cop seeking redemption, but at least no one’s 2 days from retirement here. Liotta, probably tired of being called washed-up has-been since his lack of remotely good roles since Goodfellas (vice city aside), plays his role of an unleashed and reckless cop brilliantly, even gaining forty pounds to emphasize his character’s abandon.

Jason Patric, although much more subdued than Liotta’s character, gives a great performance as well. Narc contains some genuine and wholly believable twists throughout as well - nothing that seems added in just for the sake of throwing people for a loop. But what really makes Narc a great movie (aside from the incredible but chaotic opening scene) is how it comes together at the end.  However, some people will be supremely disappointed with the ending. It’s not an entirely original conclusion, but the moments leading up are easily the most intense in a film of its time. Even though we prefer originals to clichés, it would be a disservice to this movie to call it anything but an adrenaline rush - and adrenaline rush that’s also an intelligent movie with two great performances. Busta Rhymes also gets his moments in the movie, making it a great one for his fans.

What about Online Casino Games?

Nowadays, online gaming is a preferred option for quality gaming delivered by games. very often, you’ll be playing games made of reels known as online slots. These games can be great for experienced and rookie players, enabling them to win small and or huge prizes. Slots often make the most of online casino game lobbies and hold the keys to some of the best jackpots that can be claimed via online gaming. One such slot we played and would like to share with you is the Vault.

The Vault slot is one of the new online slots released by Microgaming. The game brings a 5x3 matrix game with multiple symbols. It can be played in demo mode and for real money. In either case, it starts by placing a bet anywhere between $0.20 and $44.00. Once this is done, you can go ahead to use the manual play or the autoplay feature. You can choose to let the game run automatically for up to 100 rounds. By clicking on the spin button, the reels spin and come to rest. If you get at least three identical symbols across the paylines, your initial bet is multiplied according to the paytable.

There are ten classic symbols, with the pink diamond being the highest paying of them all. This is followed by the white diamond, the green pearl in a jewel box, and the gold bars. Letter symbols are A, K, Q, and J while there’s also the 10. The wild symbol is a golden W and pays out 20 times your bet when five are landed. It substitutes for all other symbols other than the bonus symbols. These bonus symbols can be triggered by the respin feature. When respin is activated, it spins the reels again while maintaining bonus symbols in their current positions. This feature remains active until no more bonus symbols are landed or when the Vault bonus is triggered.

The Vault bonus is activated by five bonus symbols on the reels. This generally leads to 10 free spins with a base game multiplier value of 3x. Every bonus symbol landed on the reels while the Vault bonus is active awards an extra spin while any 1x landed adds a 1x multiplier.

The Vault slot has a total of 20 paylines that only payout when symbols are landed from left to right. If many paylines are matched, only the payline with the highest win will be considered.  As you would notice when you opt to play this game, the general ambience is filled with suspense. The background brings an emerald theme with very lively but serene sounds. In the settings feature, you can control effects, sound, and music. This Microgaming slot has very high volatility and an average theoretical RTP of 96%.

When placing a bet online, bear in mind that the sole purpose is entertainment. For more info on how to gamble responsibly, Click Here.